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An Essential Essay Topics List For Current College Courses

It must feel great to you as a student when you find out that your next assignment requires you to develop your own topics to write about because it gives you the freedom to select something you are already familiar with, interest in, and have read about. You might still have a few limitations – but a lot of the hard work has already been done considering the wealth of information that is available through both print and online sources. The following is a list of essays on current topics you can use for inspiration or to order essays for money at a writing service:

Essay Titles for Winning Assignments

  1. How the War on Terrorism Kills Civilians and Not Terrorists: A Study of the Physical and Psychological Damage to Communities in the Middle East.
  2. How Cyber Hackers Are the Greatest Weapon against Human Traffickers: Using Today’s Cyber Technologies to Destroy the International Slave Industry.
  3. A Need to Encourage Growth In Emerging Markets: The Reasons Why It Is Essential the G20 Nations Must Protect Emerging Markets.
  4. Bringing the Crowds and Paving the Way to Growth Economies: The Case for Bringing a Professional Soccer Team to the Community.
  5. Too Little Too Late: What it Means for Countries to Overspend Trying to Save the Environment When the World Has Done So Much Damage.

College Essay Topics in Current Affairs

  1. Should the United States respond to allegations of cyber-hacking made in the last presidential election if it means destroying international diplomacy?
  2. Would the United States benefit from providing universal healthcare to its citizens even if it means lower profits for larger companies in the healthcare industry?
  3. What are the most important issues you are going to consider for the next presidential election cycle taking place in 2020? Do you have party affiliations?
  4. Is the United States damaging international reputation by continuously embarking on trade wars that cause the loss of billions domestically?
  5. Should the United States move towards making the path towards citizenship more difficult as a means to curb the number of immigrants entering the country each year?

Good Essay Topics in Other Disciplines

  1. Should we invest in more life-saving technologies and medicines or is this ethically against the natural order and physiology of humans?
  2. Should teachers look towards re-introducing creativity in a society where more students are focused on business and technologies?
  3. In what ways are social media outlets helpful to raise the self-esteem in teenagers? Are there more positives or negatives in the way social media impacts our lives?
  4. Do you think that the legal drinking age should be lowered? Consider that 18 year olds are allowed to vote as well as serve in the military?
  5. What would it mean to reintroduce Prohibition in the U.S.? Should local communities consider incorporating local prohibition statutes as a way to curb drinking?

Once you’ve selected something from the essay writing topics list above or have decided to modify it to fit your personal or academic interests, don’t forget that further essay help is available to you. Professional services provide numerous free resources for download and can connect you with a certified writing expert that could help take your assignment to the next level.