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The Various Types Of Essays: The Must-Knows For Students

Essay writing is a common trend in academic institutions. You may be given essays to write as an assignment, it may be set in the main exam or rather you can be asked to write one when applying for college. The essay format does not change in most cases. Ask yourself does the setter want you to describe an experience, explain a particular phenomenon or describe something? It is this questions that lead us to the various types of essay which are as follows

Narrative essay

In this type of paper, you are required to explain events in a chronological manner. When writing my essay, I would begin by describing the setting. You should then create a problem and solve it at the end of the essay. As much as writing a narrative essay may seem to be quite easy, what I would tell you is that it is not since it requires a strong imagination for you to succeed. You have to give the reader the feeling of being part of the story and a good narrative should evoke the feelings of the reader. Read storybooks and novels if at all you want to perfect your skills in various types of essay hooks.

Descriptive essays

This is related to a narrative essay however, a person is required to explain a person a place or any object vividly. In this case, you do not tell a story but rather your description aims to provide a deeper meaning of whatever you are describing. Colorful words are used in this type of essays to describe something. You therefore have to know a lot about what you have been given to describe. Just like the narrative essay, it should be able to evoke the feelings of the reader too. I bet you have come across a question asking you to describe your teacher in primary school. Well, that is a perfect example of a descriptive essay.

Expository essay

You have to analyze the topic. Such topics require you to write nothing else rather than pure facts. This are the least preferred types of essay since you have to spend a lot of time in the library trying to get details of a given subject. The topic is defined using statistics and examples. There are various types of essays under this such as the compare and contrast essays, cause and effect essay and finally process essays. There are no emotions involved here and the writer should use the first person.

Persuasive essay

Just from the name, you are required to convince the reader to accept your point of view. A case is built using raw facts, examples and opinions. You also have to do thorough research on the given topic so that you can know what to compare and contrast. All sides of the argument should be brought out by the writer.

In conclusion, to be on the safe side, you have to know how to write an essay be it narrative, informative, persuasive or expository. If your essay has something to do with math, we advise you to contact AssignmentGeek.